1. Thanks BMO, summer jam :3

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    Adventure Time Dress

    Algebraic! This skater dress is covered with an all-over print featuring all sorts of Adventure Time characters. Currently on sale for just $9.79 with FREE SHIPPING at Amazon!


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    Don’t get any closer to each other

    This is the most interesting thing I’ve seen all year.

    I don’t know how to feel about this


    What is this suppose too meann?

    it represents the fragility of friendship. Once you get too close you can break something that can be beautiful. If you recede too far the beauty will fly away. The eyes on the butterflies wings symbolise the truth about the pain they have seen. 

    DUDE, that was so deep

    I’m glad this post is still going around.

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  4. Hmm a 8 bit black cat?

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    Le Brun’s System on Physiognomy - Charles Le Brun (1670’s)

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  6. "Be vulgar, not yet lame."
  7. Vortex

  8. …It takes two to make an accident like love.

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    An owl on a towel.

    Oh my…

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  10. Born to be blue blood

  11. Me, depressive 2

  12. Me, depressive

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    “Wrong Century” by Tomas Kucerovsky

    the look of wistfulness on her face just punches me straight in the heart

    this is literally my favorite piece that ever comes up on tumblr and if you want me to change my mind well then goOD LUCK WITH THAT

    Love this

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    From Luigi Serafini’s Codex-Seraphinianus. Strange illustrations with accompanying texts, written in an invented and unidentifiable script.

    The scripts in this book were purposely made to make no sense and were impossible to read, as to invoke the childhood feelings of looking through an almanac in amazement, seeing the unexplained pictures of things that couldn’t possibly be real

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  15. Um another experimental track by me :)